Lovelandtiels Aviary
LovelandTiels started with just being a hobby to take up some spare time. It has since become a passion to breed the most beautiful Cockatiel mutations with vibrant colors that only nature could possibly make (with a little help).
I am a proud board member of the American Cockatiel Society(ACS) as VP Communications and Regional Rep, and work closely with its members to keep the standards of breeding true.

It is our goal to breed quality pets, with keeping in mind the show quality, as well. Our babies are hand fed and hand tame with lot's of love. We are able to produce several different mutations including; Whiteface, Normal Gray, Lutino, Cinnamon, Pearl, Pied, Fallow, Dominant Yellow Cheek, Pastel Face, Emerald(aka Yellow-suffused or Olive),and Heavy Pied's. We only set up 6 pairs at a time. This way we can spend the quality time necessary, to hand tame these little cuties.
If you are serious about getting a forever pet, you have come to the right place. Our babies are ready to be loved on by their new families. We pull our babies at 2-3 weeks old for handfeeding and socialization, and only let them go to their new homes when they are weaned and ready (Approx. 8-10 weeks of age). No force weaning here. Your new pet(s) will be healthy and weaned on a nutritional diet of pellets, seeds, fresh greens, and other goodies.
More Info
Lovelandtiels has proudly partnered with CC Aviary to cover more area for our customers. CC Aviary is owned and operated by Lisa Helderman in Eastern Illinois.
Our website is still under construction. While we are still trying to improve our page, we wanted to let our viewers know that we are still here.